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(This was originally posted on the InTouch blog)

As our division works in schools to help train teachers and administrators on what it means to be literate in the 21st century, one of two responses usually follow:

1. Wow! I didn't really want to come to this but I am so glad I did! This is cool and my students are going to love it!


2. I do not have time for this. Why are you wasting my time? You cannot possibly ask me to do one more thing...

My question is this: Can we afford to be technology illiterate in this ever-changing world? Can we afford not to use technology in our teaching? Our district is reviewing what we call our "non-negotiables" in curriculum and teaching. When will technology become a non-negotiable? Would our students put it in that category? Is it not an integrated part of their lives?

For the teachers who do not want "one more thing added to my plate," I wonder why you do not see how technology can condense and simplify your lessons. Why can you not see what technology does for student engagement? Technology is not going away. It will only get more advanced and integrated into our lives. Please open your mind and begin to see the possibilities. Without it, you may lay victim to the latest education acronym: NTLB (No Teacher Left Behind). I promise you that the students will not be left behind. You will.

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach stated last year at the NCaect conference, "Teachers will never be replaced by computers. However, teachers who do not use computers will be replaced by those who do."

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/cgoulao/411835782/sizes/s/

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Featured 21st Century School

Be sure to check out the Teach 21 blog for Bolton Elementary. The address for the teach21 blog is http://teach21bolton.blogspot.com/.

Throughout the school year, Bolton staff is having conversations about what needs to be done to have future-ready students. They are learning how to motivate and inspire students through the use of technology. This blog is written by the school's technology facilitator, Sam Walker. Sam is documenting the thoughts, fears, excitement, and successes of bringing Bolton into the 21st Century. If you get a chance, please click on the teacher blog links on the left hand side. They are just beginning their journey and it is an exciting one!

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    • Just a few things you can do with Remember The Milk...

      • Manage tasks quickly and easily.
      • Get reminded, anywhere.
      • Organise the way you want to.
      • Locate your tasks.
      • Work together to get things done.
      • Add tasks wherever you are.
      • Take your tasks with you.
      • Plan your time.
      • Search your tasks the smart way.
      • Enjoy getting organised.

      - post by teajay
    • Органайзер - post by anoubis
    • todo管理ツール ajaxを多様してます
      - post by hepodo
    • There is an API, it looks cool but there aren't any off-line mode- Maybe some code could stolen from TiddlyWiki???
      - post by jeanmichelg
    • Remember The Milk   This site looks interesting. A To Do List site that allows you to post things to it via your cell phone, via e-mail or sms. It allowys you to share your list with others, so you and your wife can have the same list, keep each other updated on what you need from the store what what still needs to be accomplished...it connects in to popular RSS Readers such as Netvibes.

      Might have to take it for a test spin.

      - post by jutecht
    • Husk husk husk - post by kurtmathiesen
    • ToDo管理.日本でも乱立ですね - post by june29
    • 繁體中文介面。小組線上共同編輯 文書、行事曆、工作表,每次被編輯的舊版本都會留下一各備份。 - post by anoranor
    • Online Task list - post by dvlahakis
    • Todo管理のベストツール
      - post by marmia312
    • A free online todo list with SMS and IM reminders - post by bsamson
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    • way to manage your to-do lists online. - post by beerbin
    • A free online todo list with SMS and IM reminders - post by schneider
    • i love this site! i love that i can post from mobile, via email, and via sms. i love that i get an sms every morning with my tasks for the day. and i really love that i can tag all my tasks. good stuff!! - post by telecommatt
    • Excellent site with great options for task management. Only question is, what if one day I'll have no internet ? :-) Most of the to do's stop But the management on this site is excellent. I tried many ways of managing tasks and this might be it. - post by foxbeing
    • less is more (37sigs) vs. more is more (RTM)....who will win? - post by kazwell
    • Really fantastic! - post by gvittoria
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    • Online to do list service with SMS reminders and more - post by adubber
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    • online to-do list manager - post by forgetcolor
    • to do list 提醒定制 - post by kusoooorz
    • robust todo application - post by alanapost
    • 典型web 2.0 如忘做事,需要这站作为To-do Lists服务 milk支持手机、邮件和MSN、AIM、ICQ、GTalk等IM协议的提醒定制功能 支持中文特色如undo,所有操作都可以取消,避免误操作损失 - post by chenjing
    • A free online todo list with SMS and IM reminders - post by sciphex
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    • the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online... - post by chanio
    • A free online todo list with SMS and IM reminders - post by pixelator
    • Remember The Milk is the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online. - post by geneboy
    • Remember The Milk is the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online. - post by geneboy
    • Online to-do list. powerful, beautiful interface - post by joel
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Taking Care of Business

Today I had the pleasure of hearing David Warlick speak to the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System Technology Facilitators. As always, I was inspired, amazed, and reminded that no matter how much I think I know, there is so much more to learn!

David was gracious and allowed me to pick from a menu of thoughts, ideas, and past presentations. The recipe made one heck of an overview of where we are, where we should be, and ideas for what others are making possible.

My takeaways:
- Knitter (like Twitter but without the joining and following)
- Machinima (creating movies/videos using Second Life/video games and video editing)
- Scratch (I had downloaded this programming software for kids recently but did not understand how to use it until today)
- Companies are already creating wearable technology

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Missing Link in 21st Century Classrooms (Live Blogging)

The Missing Link in 21st Century Classrooms: 21st Century Leadership
Christopher Moersch, Ed.D. and LoTi, Inc.

*Note: TONS of great stuff in the back of the room free from NSDC on training in the 21st century


Defining 21st Century Classroom- listed Partnership for 21st Century skills
Showed video from CoSN on 21st Century Superintendents- my favorite quote:
"Moving from good to great is such a quantum leap, technology plays a significant role."

5 C's of Instructional Leadership
  1. Cultivation- (Coach Carter) high expections are the key to everything; Ariel Community Academy (Chicago Public Schools)- every classroom is endowed with $20,000. By the time they reach 8th grade, they donate half their profits to charity. 88% of students exceed state standards in math. Students are exposed to the financial literacy curriculum starting in Kindergarten. Students are taught all aspect including international/global financial markets. 8th graders apply what they learn about marketing and business by writing business plans. Long term partnership with the community and businesses!
  2. Courage to Stay the Course- (Dead Poets Society) requires commitment to a plan-implementation cycle: Assess-Plan-Implement (http://www.lotilounge.com)- Sustain (HEAT walkthroughs); use systems thinking for your guide to continuous improvement
  3. Creating Solutions to Potential Barriers/Problems- (The Firm) http://www.270towin.com (will show you how states have voted over the past few decades)
  4. Commitment to research best practices- (Freedom Writers) the difference between involvement and commitment is like a ham and eggs breakfast: the chicken was involved, the pig was committed
  5. Communication with all key stakeholders-(Braveheart) web 2.0 tools

Implementing the 5C's gets results. Loti Schools have research backing on test scores!


What is a network?

At last night's ISTE Welcome Session right before the keynote, we were addressed by and introduced to several of the people on the Board of Directors and staff. As this was the third year I have attended this session, I expected to get the quick run down of NECC events and such-informative but dry. I was thrilled to be mistaken.

Although we did have some dryness at the beginning, the NECC conference hired Brad Mongomery to be the Master of Ceremonies. What fun! His light-hearted sense of humor put the crowd at ease and he was able to do something most people cannot: get a room of several hundred people to have authentic conversation with each other. Through a series of exercises, we formed groups of 5 or 6 and responded to several prompts. Even those who do not like "touchy feely" were participating.

But what had the greatest impact for me was how he described what a network is. He did so by sharing what a network is not:
  • It is not "Hi. My name is..."
  • It is not "Here is my business card."
  • It is not "What can you do for me? What information can you give me?"

Authentic network is a relationship. It is finding about not only the professional but the personal aspect of other's lives. We bring who we are (which by the way is EXACTLY what James Surowiecki talked about in the keynote) and to be part of the network we have to connect on all levels.

So Brad gave the audience homework. Instead of asking the "Hi, how are you?" when you sit next to someone, you should ask "Outside of work, what takes up your time?" You may hear the question a lot this year at NECC but I hope you take the time to ask and answer! Create your own wisdom of the crowds. Create a network.

Thanks to my group of new friends from the session: Claire, Angelita, Dave, Benjamin, and Jose. It was a pleasure!

Creating a Personal Network in Second LIfe (Live Blogging)

Group presenting is the DEN (Discovery Education Network) council in Second Life (SL). None of them had met in real life until this weekend. They work together regularly in SL. DEN in SL was born in 2007.

Next Wednesday they will have a newbie event in SL. They bring in various speakers to present including Steve Dembo (teach42). They had a Halloween party last year. They have hosted 65 formal events but that does not include the many informal events in the DEN. Events are posted in SL, they have a Google group.

2007- 56 events with 566 participants

Communication anytime/anywhere- 24 hour professional learning

Create a visual of your network- post them for understanding

Second Life has the possibility to help students who are homebound but presenter said that she personally does not believe SL is ready for students.

Book: A Beginners Guide to Second Life- can only order online; Second Life for Dummies also very good

Looking for Wednesday workshop presenters- think about volunteering

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NECC: Opening Session (Live Blogging)

James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of the Crowds

Tap into collective intelligence

wisdom of the crowds + new tools = radical transformation

jellybean experiment- how many jellybeans in the jar?
  • no one person comes closer than the group guess
  • the more they do this as a group, individuals begin to get closer

Who wants to be a millionaire?

  • phone-a-friend
  • poll the audience (gets it right 91% of the time)

Racetrack example

  • prediction machine in action
  • look at odds- in the course of a season, crowd of betters can forecast the winners

Google- founders realized that there is a hidden talent beneath the surface

What does it take to make a crowd wise?

  • some way to group judgements (aggregate the information to get group decision)
  • diversity (the fundamental characteristic)-cognitively diverse in the way they approach and solve problems; best of the best group is out performed by the random group; other diversity (age, experience, culture, geography, discipline); less likely to make the same mistakes (homogeneous group: the more they talk, the dumber they become-echo chamber); appoint someone to become the devil's advocate (originated in the catholic church)-cannot have the same person as the devil's advocate all of the time
  • independence-want people to think for themselves; imitation works a lot of the time; have to get people to get beyond imitation; best group decisions come from conflict rather than consensus (differences of opinion can make us smarter-have a good fight; even if the answer is not your answer)

Technology allows more people to contribute and say what they really believe in their hearts.

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