Friday, January 15, 2010

FETC: Steve Dembo- Extreme Web 2.0 Makeover

Live Notes:

Crappy Graphs: (for when you fight Excel and Excel wins)

Let Me Google That For You: (Automatically types it in for you)

Ed uses (not intended for Education but we are hijacking)
  • class rules
  • book reviews
  • autobiographies
  • current events
  • science
  • foreign language
  • frog dissection video (telling what to take out!)
  • can embed in your website
  • have a triangle explain the Pythagorean theorem
Gmail- add "+word" to email and you can have emails come to your inbox. Use for this? If I need my students to register using an email, I can register them with,, etc. (**This tidbit was worth my trip!!!!)
podcasting, voicemail, conference calls from your phone, will provide an embed code, will allow subscription to iTunes as well (100 MB free- about 450 minutes)