Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Searching for Twits

I have been working with Twitter since FETC and I am getting better at it. However, I am not able to find people effectively. I tried to search for my own account and did not come up! Crazy. Is there an easy way to find people? I am going to try to develop a list of tips and tricks for Twitter. If you have any, please let me know!


Danita Russell said...

Hey Marlo, when I first started with Twitter I would find someone 'famous' and follow their friends. Coolcatteacher is a good one to look at her friends to find people with whom you have common interests.

I've been twitting since NECC and love it!

DanitaR on Twitter

Marlo Gaddis said...

Thanks Danita- I did some of that today. Other than Coolcat (who is going to be at NCaect in 2009!) do you have a favorite?

Alice Barr said...

Hello Marlo, When you are reading the Twitter responses, you can click on any of the names that begin with the @ symbol. That will take you to their Twitter page and then you can choose whether to follow them or not. I also recommend that you get a Twitter reader such as twhirl so that it's easier to read what's coming in to your account. Thanks for your comment to me on Will's blog! Let's follow one another. I am alicebarr on Twitter.

Nadine N said...

Just like Danita recommended, I clicked on my friends' list of people they follow. When you "roll over" their name, you can see their profiles. I clicked on the follow button for anyone who was an ed tech person. My twitter name is nnorris.